Schedule a Discovery Call with Jen

Jen will help you begin to create a plan to enhance the energy in your home with our Feng Shui solutions.

What to Expect on Your Discovery Call

The Discovery Call is an opportunity to talk with Jen about the energy in your home and begin to create a plan to open up the energy blocks. She'll ask questions about your space and situation, then get you started with the ideal Feng Shui solution that will best serve your goals, plans, and needs. 

How to Schedule Your Discovery Call

Three simple steps to creating a new flow of energy in your home and life with Feng Shui!

Select a time for the discovery call

1. Select a time 

The call time is reserved for you. Ensure that you select a time that you can commit to and works for your schedule.

Fill out the form

2. Fill out the form

Fill out the application so Jen can prepare for your appointment. If you don't submit an application, your appointment will be cancelled.

Add Discovery Call to your calendar

3. Add call to your calendar

Look for the confirmation email and add the call with the Zoom link to your calendar. Jen will meet you on Zoom at the time you selected.