Feng Shui 101 Class

Attend the Feng Shui 101 Class

The New Year's Feng Shui Intention Workshop is your gateway to shaping an intentional and harmonious 2024! During our workshop, you'll embark on a journey to craft a beautiful and inspiring vision for 2024.

Wednesday, January 24 at Noon MTN 

Here's what to expect:


Our Feng Shui 101 class offers in-depth knowledge on a specific Feng Shui topic. 

This virtual class is conducted via Zoom and is designed to be interactive. Each class lasts for 75 minutes, with the first 60 minutes dedicated to the topic and the remaining 15 minutes reserved for questions and answers. 

The cost per class is $47.00. Please note that all sales for individual classes are final, meaning they are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

You will receive 3 months access to the class replay. 


“I highly recommend incorporating Feng Shui into your home and life. Let it become a living process with you and not something requiring you to check a box and set aside. Continue your education about how vital the principles can be. Every transition that I’ve made allowed me to discover more and helped me become more vitalized in the particular areas of the Bagua. The balance of the Five Elements is important and keeps your life and the energy in your home in check.”
- Karen H., Blacksburg, VA