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Creating the BEST Energy in Your Home

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Do you want your home to have the BEST energy? Would you like to have your personal intentions woven into your home’s design and layout? Do your home’s architectural features evoke positive energy and uplifting flow?

Jen Boyd at Feng Shui Seminar in Newport Beach, CA

My client was inspired to incorporate Feng Shui into her life after she attended one of my recent Feng Shui seminars. She invited me to review her Park City home. We started at the front door and walked through the entire space. We determined personalized Feng Shui recommendations, including the layout and design, along with the furniture, artwork, and bedroom placement. We identified a few key areas to change that will positively impact the overall energy of her home and family.

My client also has a beautiful home under construction in Newport Beach, CA. It’s actually a complete remodel. She flew me there and together with the general contractor, we assessed the property and layout from a Feng Shui perspective. We identified a few sharp corners that needed to be softened in bedrooms, and discussed how to set her intentions into the early stages of construction. Next, we met with the interior designer for a full review of the design for each room. We determined the best way to incorporate Feng Shui based on her intentions and the Five Elements. We didn’t change the design, but simply enhanced and augmented key features.

After all of this, my lovely client kindly hosted a Feng Shui event for a few of her friends in Newport Beach!

Whether you are building/remodeling a new home or are living in your forever home and simply want to uplift the energy, incorporating Feng Shui into the layout and design can ensure the BEST energy flow for your life.

Are you...

In the process of building or remodeling a new home… in Utah or in another state? - Wanting to open up a new flow of energy in your life? - Interested in hosting a Feng Shui event for your friends?

If any of this sounds interesting to you, please schedule time on my calendar and we’ll thoroughly discuss your space and situation.

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