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Feng Shui for the Office

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

On average, a professional will spend 8-12 hours a day at the office. It’s imperative that your personal office space supports you and your growth, success, and well-being at work. When your environment is conducive to your well-being and success, you feel empowered and exude confidence. With this confidence comes promotions, prosperity, and an overall well-being. Aligning your office with the natural flow of life sets you up to attract prosperity and recognition.

How to Boost the Bottomline with Feng Shui

Your environment can affect what is happening in your career and business, so if there is an area that needs to attract some positivity, align your space with the Bagua, which is the Feng Shui map. Simple adjustments in your space at work can provide you with more energy and business opportunities.

In an Elements of Harmony study, out of the dozens of individuals and companies that applied the Bagua to their space, more than 80 percent experienced positive results. These results ranged from drastic, immediate windfalls to subtle changes in their careers, relationships, finances, health, family, and overall well-being. The Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. best results came when participants were enthusiastic about making changes.

Here's how you can begin applying the Bagua to your office, building, property, or even your desk - and reap the benefits:

Prosperity (upper left corner): Anchor this area with the CEO's office or desk, and valuables or items that represent prosperity to improve wealth, increase cash flow, and encourage abundance.

Relationships (upper right corner): Anchor this area with sales and marketing staff, conference rooms, or company and family photos to facilitate successful relationships.

External Recognition (upper center area): Hang awards, diplomas, company/personal values, and mission statements in this area for career advancements and greater recognition.

Career (front center area): Place running water or art that depicts flow toward the office or a mirror that reflects positive Ch’i (energy) in the space near the front door to increase the flow of business, opportunities, and new beginnings.

Creativity (left middle area): Hang a whiteboard for bright ideas or situate the creative staff in this section to open up creativity and complete projects.

Ancestors (right middle area): Add a healthy plant to this part of your desk or office to strengthen the roots of the entire company.

Balance Your Office with the Five Elements

Bring nature's five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) into your home or office and note the difference. Determine the attributes you want to experience more of in your life and utilize the five elements to add them to your space.

Each element embodies unique qualities and can be added to a space with the substance, color, and shape of your favorite art, object, or fabric. According to Terah Kathryn Collins, internationally recognized consultant, author and founder of the Western School of Feng Shui, "Every second our nervous systems are responding to our surroundings, whether we are conscious of it or not."

Adding the five elements found in nature to your home and workspace leads to results such as:

Flexibility/Vitality. Add Wood: Beautiful, healthy plants like an orchid, easy to grow houseplants, green and blue colors, stripes, and items that are in the shape of a column (resembling the trunk of a tree). Trees, with their roots, strong trunk, and branches, represent intuition, initiative, and vision.

Enthusiasm/Momentum. Add Fire: Your favorite lamp, ample lighting such as full-spectrum and natural light through windows, animals or animal prints, accents of red and bright colors, and the shape of a triangle (to symbolize a flame). An active, successful life and bright career needs fire, inspiring motivation, and vigor, as well as heartwarming relationships.

Balance/Stability. Add Earth: Soft rugs and pillows, comfortable furniture, pottery/earthenware, warm colors (yellow, orange and earth tones), square patterns, and personal items like family photos and lucky mementos. These items will bring grounded, centered energy to a home or office.

Organization/Simplicity. Add Metal: A silver picture frame or metal lamp, simple designs, and the shape of a circle. Metal accents and neutral/pastel colors will keep you sharp and details in line.

New Opportunities. Add Water: Fountains with moving water, fish tanks, black and very dark colors, artwork with water flowing, and reflective surfaces such as mirrors and glass. Open pathways that are free from clutter and irrelevant items to create a meandering flow of Ch’i throughout the space. Water, like the womb, represents new beginnings, creation, and ideas.

How Lighting Can Illuminate Your Thinking

The lighting in your office can bolster or diminish energy levels, moods, and productivity. This is similar to how our moods are more upbeat and carefree in the long and bright days of summer, than in the cold and darkness of winter. It's no different in your office. So flip the switch and brighten your perspective inside, too.

Desk and Floor Lamps: Add desk or floor lamps to create warmth, soften fluorescent lights, and brighten dim offices. Choose an unexpected lamp that shows off your personality or have fun with a colorful lampshade.

Overhead Light Sources; If your ceiling is high enough, opt for an overhead light source. Pendant luminaries as they are called, light vertically, providing both indirect and direct lighting.

Check the Bulbs: Increasing bulb wattage makes a big difference with brightness and feeling energized. As we age, our retinas harden and our eyes require more light. Try three-way bulbs to adjust the light. Halogens add a warm glow. LED bulbs are cost effective.

Flames and Sunlight: Light a candle on your desk to eliminate negative ions or display an LED candle to soften the energy and bring inspiration. Open blinds and hang a mirror to reflect in natural sunlight, the best source for lighting.

Want to learn more useful tips for your office AND your home? Download the free guide to 18 Feng Shui Principles for Improving Prosperity, Well-being, and Happiness. This guide is packed with valuable information!

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