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How Artwork Affects Feng Shui

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

As I walked through the hallway of my client's beautiful home, I noticed a very colorful, tropical piece of artwork. I asked her about it, and with tears in her eyes, she explained that it was her absolute favorite picture. She and her husband had purchased it on their honeymoon over 20 years ago. Since one of her intentions was to bring back the spark in her marriage, we discussed moving this piece from the hallway to their master bedroom.

The art in your home is compelling and tells a story about your life. Even if you don’t “think” you notice it, you do! The composition and colors, how you obtained the piece, and how the piece makes you feel, all resonate from your art. It all affects you. It’s important that you love your artwork, and that it relays the feelings, sentiments, and stories you want to tell.

Many times we have everything we need already in our home. We just need to rearrange it. Feng Shui principles help you discover how to align your artwork, personal belongings, furniture, interior design, and architecture plans with your personal intentions.

Here’s a Feng Shui tip - take a look at your artwork and decide if your artwork is telling the story that truly resonates with your life TODAY! Often times, we hang artwork and it just stays there for years. Be sure that what you are seeing on a daily basis is supporting your dreams, goals, and your intentions in life. Be sure that the artwork in your home is not hung out of obligation or that you have art hanging up that you really don’t like. And, a wonderful treat is to hang a new piece of artwork that creates a positive feeling for your life.

My friend and colleague, Bri Klug at Park City Frame, specializes in framing artwork ranging from the simple to the sublime. She is very talented and truly knows how to make things look beautiful. With over 3800 frame samples from all over the world, hundreds of mat choices, fabrics and unique painted tapes, she works with clients all over the country to create and bring dazzling art to life. Bri works with clients all over the country and ships artwork globally.

Check out this gorgeous Helmet Newton collectible set that Bri framed and sent to her client in Barcelona.

Helmet Newton Collectible Set by Park City Frame

You can find out more at

Are you curious about how the artwork in your life is reflecting and affecting your life? You can change your life story by simply adding (or sometimes removing) artwork in your home. Looking to learn more valuable Feng Shui principles that you can incorporate into your home? Download my free guide to learn 18 Feng Shui principles!