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Using Feng Shui After a Turbulent Transition

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Recently, I received a question from a client about how to use Feng Shui to improve the energy in their space after they’d experienced a time of turbulent transition. This is something people don’t often want to talk about. We all have challenges at home or in our work environment, so I thought I’d highlight this case study. She went through a time of change and used Feng Shui to improve and reclaim the energy in her home!

Use Feng Shui During Times of Transition

When I began working with my client, she had already read many Feng Shui books and was familiar with all of the concepts. In fact, for years she was a DIY Feng Shui participant. However, when she found herself at a time of transition, she reached out for more personalized direction. She understood Feng Shui concepts, but it was hard for her to really see what was happening in her own space. She felt like the books and online information she’d read didn’t provide enough information for her to truly grasp the concepts. Her intentions were to improve the connection with her husband, strengthen family relations, attract new opportunities to their life, and balance the energy in the bottom floor of her home. Her family had experienced some turmoil and she was not using the entire bottom area of her home because, according to her, the energy was “off.”  

Here’s what we did to optimize her home…

Because her house was L-shaped, we anchored the missing corner and brought balance to the entire house, with special focus on the Knowledge and Self-Cultivation area. We also placed all of the natural Five Elements into the home. We revitalized her front door to attract new opportunities, improved the energy in her master bedroom with a new arrangement and colors, and improved the bottom floor of her house with a space clearing that I taught her how to do on her own. Once the energy in the basement was uplifted, we transformed that area into her home office by including all of the natural Five Elements and artwork, and we positioned her desk in the power position. After making those changes, she felt more connected to her husband and family, loved working in her new home office, and felt more balanced in other areas of her life. There’s diligence that accompanies these changes, but at the end, this is what she had to say…

“I have been familiar with Feng Shui for years, but Jen brought a whole new level to my understanding and an appreciation for the results that thoughtful placement can bring. The Harmony BluePrint and Jen’s suggestions were easy to implement and have made my house feel calmer, more balanced, and more comfortable. My relationships, finances, and knowledge have all seen growth since I started working with Jen. I would recommend her to anyone looking to view their homes and lives in a new perspective. Whether my life needed minor tweaks, or a major change, Jen’s guidance was invaluable.” - Sarah in Salt Lake City, UT.

Remember, whether you make one small change or really include Feng Shui as part of your lifestyle, you can significantly improve the quality of your life. It’s a process and as you become more familiar with the principles, they can really make a positive impact on your life!

The most challenging part of implementing Feng Shui is to remain unbiased about your own belongings and to understand how to interpret the principles for your space. If you’d like to learn more about how I can work with you to improve your situation, schedule time on my calendar and we’ll discuss how to do this for you!