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Support Your Well-Being     Improve Relationships     Open Up New Opportunities 

Learn how Feng Shui can help you feel

your best at home.  Are you...

✓ Moving into, building, or renovating a new home?

Noticing architectural features in your home that concern you? 


✓ Trying to implement Feng Shui, but feeling confused?


✓ Experiencing health issues or looking to enhance well-being?

✓ Wanting to improve the energy in your bedroom?

✓ Feeling stuck or stagnant with your relationships, well-being, and prosperity? 


✓ Feeling distracted from what brings you joy? 


✓ Needing to create a focused and productive work environment? 

Download Your FREE Guide to 18 Feng Shui Principles for Improving Prosperity, Well-being, and Happiness

Have a question about your space?

Your environment influences you. In fact, it’s the foundation that is vital

to your success, relationships, and well-being. 


Leverage the energy in your home with your personal intentions so that you live your best life!


Review your space for unsupportive items. Make subtle changes that result in you feeling grounded and centered.


Start prioritizing what brings

you joy. 


In order to live in balance, incorporate the elements you personally need into key areas of your home. 



Create a positive, focused work environment for you, your clients, and employees. 

Elements of Harmony uses Feng Shui to assist homeowners with...


★ Improving an aspect of their life (health, relationships, prosperity)

★ Improving the energy in their home

★ Moving into a new home

★ Building a new home

★ Renovating a forever home

★ Living with intention 

★ Working with a personal business to improve the work environment 

If you care about the energy in your environment, you need Elements of Harmony. 

Have a question about your your home or work environment?

Set up a FREE 30-minute consultation.

What makes the Harmony BluePrint unique? 

The Harmony BluePrint takes a unique approach to Feng Shui because instead of participating in just a single consultation, we’ll walk you through a proven framework that helps you optimize your full home environment. You’ll understand exactly what changes to make to your home and why they are important. The Harmony BluePrint provides a thorough Feng Shui home assessment and action plan that is based on your intentions, incorporates elements you need for living in balance into your bedroom, living areas, and home office, and brings real focus to how you honor your personal Ch’i.

Know You are Doing it Right         Create a New Flow         Feel Your Best 

Get Personalized Direction and a Customized Program with a Feng Shui Expert

“Jen helped me align my new home with Feng Shui and I can't believe the positive mental energy impact that came from prioritizing my desired intentions into my home. Jen is the best I have ever had the privilege of working with. I like her personal style. She is a great listener and translator. She is very committed to her passion.” Karen F. in Virginia

An unoptimized environment may be taking a toll on your life. 


How much of your personal energy is being drained by the unsupportive items in your space? How often do you feel that there is an aspect of your life that is stuck and stagnant? How long have you suffered from health issues and desired to feel more supported in your home? Do you feel like you keep facing obstacles in your relationships, career, or prosperity? Are you distracted by everything except what really matters? If your home environment lacks your personal intentions and elements, it can be taking a toll on the quality of your life. 

“I recommend Jen Boyd with Elements of Harmony to all who would welcome a wealth of harmonious

energy and changes into their life."

- Jane H. Carroll, Fine Arts Commissions, Avondale Estates, GA

Hi, I'm Jen Boyd.

Your home is the foundation for every aspect of your life. It’s essential that it reflects a healthy, supportive environment so that you feel your best. Sometimes, unsupportive items in your home can drain your energy.


Homeowners struggle with issues in their life, but don’t realize that leveraging the energy in their space can greatly enhance the quality of their life. An optimized home environment can improve relationships, prosperity, and well-being. When we make even subtle changes to our space, we can create positive change in our life. 

I combined my 18+ years of experience working with clients across the country with my own personal Feng Shui journey to create a personalized consulting program called the Harmony BluePrint. My goal is to help you incorporate your personal intentions into your home and identify the elements and activities that you need in order to live your best life. 

When you feel good in your space, you feel good in your life.

Connect with me here. 

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