Create a Prosperous Home

Many Feng Shui Enthusiasts are unsure of how to effectively align their homes to optimize energy flow to attract abundance. Our personalized Feng Shui consultations and classes provide a simple solution for creating a prosperous home that enhances career prospects, business opportunities, prosperity, relationships, and overall well-being.

Blocked energy in your home may result in resistance in key areas of your life.

When certain aspects of your life hit roadblocks, leaving you frustrated, anxious, and overwhelmed, it's natural to feel stuck. We want to help you break free from that cycle. By intentionally incorporating the Five Elements into your home and aligning your mindset for abundance, you can release resistance and unlock a world of incredible opportunities.


Your Career or Small Business Feels Stagnant.

The arrangement of your home office and the energy flow at the front door directly affect the Ch'i flow into your home. If either is obstructed or not aligned for success, it can limit ideal career and business opportunities in your life.


You Feel Financially Blocked.

When the areas of your home associated with wealth and prosperity are obstructed and lack proper support from the Five Elements and prosperous intentions, it can lead to financial stress and anxiety.


Your Relationships Are on Your Heart.

Your home is reflection of YOU! Sharp corners, artwork choices, and absent elements can contribute to tense and strained relationships within the family, or even impact your chances of attracting an ideal romance.


Your Health is Your Top Priority.

Navigating health issues can be stressful. Clutter and holding onto things that no longer serve a purpose in your life can obstruct the flow of healthy and nurturing energy.


You’re Moving Into A New Home.

Understanding how the layout of a new home will align with your intentions is crucial. Ensuring that any lingering predecessor energy  won't hinder the creation of an abundant and nurturing living space is essential.


You’re Struggling with Feng Shui. 

You're into Feng Shui, but struggling to actually get a result from incorporating the principles and you're not sure what to do. Don't give up, there are simple solutions!

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Elements of Harmony helps you create a living space that enhances the quality of your life


Optimize your new home. 

Ensure your new home has the optimal plan and energy flow for your living situation. 


Open the flow of financial abundance and prosperity. 

Boost your financial portfolio by setting powerful intentions that attract rewarding and abundant career and business opportunities.


Improve relationships and family dynamics. 

Optimize your home for love, compassion, and joy! Watch relationships blossom and tension dissolve. 


Elevate your wellbeing.

Nurture your personal energy and well-being by cultivating a holistic home by integrating the Five Elements.
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Our Feng Shui Services

All of our services are based upon our signature H.A.R.M.O.N.Y. Method® and Five Element Process® that integrates Essential Feng Shui Principles, Five Elements philosophy, mindset fundamentals, and prioritizing your spiritual connection. We believe in creating true transformation rather than merely rearranging furniture and expecting results. Experience the modern blueprint for Feng Shui success today!

Learn more about The H.A.R.M.O.N.Y. Method®


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Live Classes & Workshops

Our live Feng Shui (virtual and on-site) classes offer a simple and holistic method for integrating these principles into your home and daily life so you can begin to experience positive changes. 


Personalized Consultations

Experience the power of a personalized Feng Shui Consultation, where we work closely with you on a one-on-one basis to align, design, and optimize your home using our unique Five Element process.

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Online Program

Embark on our signature online Feng Shui program designed to guide you from being blocked and out of balance to experiencing a harmonious FLOW within your home, career, and personal energy.

Start Your Feng Shui Journey

Follow our simple 3-step plan to get started on your Feng Shui journey with Elements of Harmony.


Step 1: Schedule a Discovery Call

This call allows us to get aligned around your vision and identify the ideal consultation option for you.

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Step 2: Incorporate Feng Shui Into Your Home

Gain a comprehensive, personalized Feng Shui plan that helps you align, design, and optimize your home. 


Step 3: Experience a New Flow of Energy

Watch your intentions come to fruition and experience a new flow of peaceful and abundant energy in your life. 

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What Our Feng Shui Clients Have to Say

Discover the remarkable transformations that await when you make the empowering choice to invest in your home and cultivate your personal growth
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Stop Feeling Like The Energy In Your Life Is BLOCKED And Get In The FLOW!

Investing upfront in this endeavor will lead to a transformation in both your home and mindset, fostering prosperity and alignment with your life goals. As you start integrating this new mindset and intentions, you'll notice an uplifting shift in the energy of your home and a more optimistic perspective, opening doors to abundant possibilities.

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Financially Blocked?

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