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1338 South Foothill Drive #139

Salt Lake City, UT 84108

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We help you optimize the energy in your home and work environments so that you live your best life. 

We’ll help you take the guesswork out of determining the ideal placement for your art and furniture so that your home and work environment flows with your intentions and the Feng Shui principles. This will help you feel your best within your space and your life will open up in new and positive ways. 


How can we help you? 

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Well-being, and Happiness

Have a question about your home or work environment? 

Harmony BluePrint

With the Harmony BluePrint, you can align your home and personal activities with your intentions and the elements you need to live your best life and do more of what brings you joy. 


Feng Shui Workshops and Classes

Gather your friends and family and host a Feng Shui workshop at your home. Participants will gain a basic understanding of the Feng Shui principles

they can apply to their own home and work environments. As Feng Shui concepts are introduced, your home may be used as an example (and you may receive complimentary Feng Shui suggestions). 

Feng Shui Speaking Engagements

Do you need a speaker for an upcoming corporate or networking event? Feng Shui provides for an intriguing topic for corporate, business networking, and social events. Audiences learn basic Feng Shui tips for creating balanced, harmonious home and work environments.



We believe that the energy in your space influences your life.


We are committed to helping you understand how your environment affects and reflects your life. We'll provide valuable insights and principles for making changes to your space that can positively impact your life. 


We believe we can make a difference in the life of every homeowner that we work with by help them leverage their environment to improve relationships, well-being, prosperity, and happiness. 

Jen Boyd and Feng Shui


The year 2001 was the beginning of a significant personal transformation for me. I was living in the great city of Atlanta, GA, successfully working in a senior marketing position for a Fortune 500 company, moving up the corporate ladder and taking on greater responsibility. Even though it appeared I was living the dream, inside I felt scattered, and I knew something needed to change.


During this period, while I was visiting my mom in Sarasota, FL, she handed me a book on Feng Shui. I was hesitant and wondered what my mom was thinking, however, she wisely explained that this was a way for me to create more harmony and balance in my life. READ MORE

When I’m not aligning energy for positive change, I’m usually with my horse, Rio, either sitting with her in the pasture, soaking up all the healing horse energy, or enjoying a horseback ride. Meditation and yoga are the practices that help me move through my journey, both physically and emotionally. Finally, I love to read. My favorite books are about horses, marketing, spirituality, interior design, and of course, Feng Shui - I’ll always be a life-long learner!


Well, enough about me. I’d love to learn about your space and situation and see how I can help! If you'd like to talk about your home or work environment, grab a time on my calendar and I'll call you then!

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