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Feng Shui Consultation

Life Transitions Can Be Unsettling

And, can affect the key aspects of your life. 

Whether you’re moving into a new home, exiting a period of transition, or seeking to create a fresh start for your life, you may feel like the energy in your home and life has felt like a struggle or out of sync, resulting in…

  • Financial stress 
  • Stagnant career or business opportunities 
  • Relationship issues
  • Anxiety and stress 

When you incorporate the Feng Shui Five Elements, you create a stable foundation that allows life to flow easier.

With a stable environment in place, you can finally relax and go with the flow, which opens the door to prosperity. 

  • Create an Abundant Environment - Align your intentions and attract prosperous career and business opportunities more easily that lead to financial abundance.
  • Prioritize Your Well-Being with a Holistic Plan - Implement a holistic plan for your home that creates a peaceful and harmonious environment that prioritizes your well-being.  
  • Improve Family Dynamics - Support positive family communication and interactions by adding in natural elements that balance the energy in your home.

With The Prosperous Home Consultation, you’ll get:

  • Customized Plan: Work 1:1 with Jen for a total of (6) 1-hour sessions within 12 months. Each session includes a 60-minute one-to-one virtual/Zoom consulting call. During these calls, we will work together to create a customized and detailed plan to implement specific Feng Shui principles in your home, room-by-room. Additionally, we will focus on activating your mindset for manifestation.
  • Step-By-Step Workbook: You’ll receive our workbook that walks you through the Five Element Process step-by-step to create a prosperous plan for your home.
  • Email Support: Email Jen directly and ask questions and submit space photos and videos for review.
  • Personalized Bagua Placement: Receive the Bagua drawn on your floor plan for reference.
  • Five Element Assessment: You’ll take our signature Five Element Assessment that will determine the elements you personally need in your home and daily activities so you feel your best.
  • Simple, Proven Process: You'll learn our proven Five Element methodology that will help you align, design, and optimize your home for abundance.
  • BONUS #1: 12-Month Access to the Harmony Blueprint: Watch the videos and expand your Feng Shui knowledge. $399 Value!
  • BONUS #2: 12-Month Access to Master Classes: You’ll gain access to any virtual Feng Shui 101 classes that Jen offers, covering relevant Feng Shui topics.
  • Investment: $2,297. Payment plans available.
  • OPTIONAL Interior Designer and Architect Sessions: There are many benefits to incorporating Feng Shui into the layout and design of your home. Feng Shui can be aligned into the construction of your home from the ground up and can work beautifully in-tandem with your interior design plan. If you would like Jen to work with you and your interior designer and or/architect to incorporate Feng Shui into your house plans, additional consultation sessions can be added to your package for an additional fee.

How to Get Started with The Prosperous Home Consultation®


STEP 1: Schedule a Discovery Call 

Complete the short application and schedule a call to get aligned around your goals and see if The Prosperous Home Consultation is right for you!


STEP 2:    Implement Your Personalized Feng Shui Plan

You’ll have everything you need to confidently align, design, and optimize your home with your intentions and create a prosperous home that honors your well-being. 


STEP 3: Experience a Prosperous Life

Execute your personalized plan and experience a thriving home environment. 

Client Testimonials

What our clients have to say about our VIP Harmony Consulting

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Establish a solid foundation that creates a thriving home environment with The Prosperous Home Feng Shui Consultation.

Gain a Personalized Feng Shui Plan
For many Feng Shui enthusiasts, navigating major life transitions can feel like an uphill battle. The Prosperous Home Feng Shui Consultation offers a custom solution. You'll receive a personalized plan aimed at setting new intentions and harmonizing natural elements, fostering stability and ushering in a renewed flow of energy for a fresh start.

Start a New Life Chapter
If you're on the brink of a new phase in your life—whether it's moving into a new home, navigating a period of transition, or yearning for a fresh start—The Prosperous Home Feng Shui Consultation offers a holistic process. It's designed to help you align with your core values and cultivate a nurturing environment using the principles of the Five Elements.

Learn a Holistic Process for Abundance
While this may require an initial investment, you'll receive a customized plan tailored to your intentions. We'll meticulously review every room in your home to ensure it's aligned for prosperity. Additionally, we'll equip you with straightforward mindset exercises to enhance your abundance. Remember, the simple process you'll learn through this Feng Shui consultation is one you can employ to harmonize your home for years to come.

Empower Your Life Vision
Every year, Jen dedicates her expertise to a limited number of one-on-one Feng Shui clients through the Prosperous Home Feng Shui Consultation. These personalized consultations empower clients to: clarify their vision and intentions, create momentum in their lives by strategically placing items and furniture in their homes, stabilize any energy-draining areas, simplify home organization systems and personal routines by eliminating unnecessary clutter and making room for what truly matters, and cleanse unseen energy to foster a fresh flow of positive energy.

Cultivate a Prosperous Home
The Prosperous Home Feng Shui consultation is meticulously designed to assess every area of your home, ensuring each room is fully supported with the Five Elements. Each of the six sessions serves a distinct purpose to guide you to cultivate a prosperous home. The Prosperous Home Consultation is a comprehensive process honed over 20+ years of experience.

Convenient Virtual Sessions
All virtual sessions are highly effective and impactful. Through Zoom video calls, Jen can thoroughly assess your living spaces, offer personalized recommendations, and guide you through the implementation process, all from a distance. The virtual format brings unique advantages:

- Virtual consultations allows for flexible scheduling, regardless of your locations, accommodating clients across different time zones or with busy schedules.

- Virtual consultations save time and effort, eliminating the need for an in-person visit.

- Jen's virtual Feng Shui sessions maintain the same depth, clarity, and effectiveness as on-site sessions, ensuring you receive the transformational benefits of Feng Shui from the comfort of your home or office.


Regardless of distance, you can still experience the profound positive impact of Feng Shui with Jen's expert guidance.

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