Feng Shui 101 Classes

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Nature is simple, and so is Feng Shui. Join our Feng Shui 101 classes to learn a simple, yet effective method that will help you create a new and harmonious flow of energy in your home. No need for compasses, directions, or astrology.

Do any of these statements resonate with you?

  • The energy in your home and life feels blocked, and you're unsure how to address it.
  • You're curious about Feng Shui but feel overwhelmed by how to apply its principles to your home.
  • Previous attempts to implement Feng Shui yielded limited results.
  • You recognize the importance of energy flow but still want to grasp the essence of Feng Shui.
  • You want to learn the Feng Shui basics that you can easily apply to your home, and understand why you are making the adjustments. 

Upcoming Feng Shui 101 Class Schedule

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Create a Prosperous Office with Feng Shui
Date: TBD

Creating a Prosperous Office that Attract Success

  • Have you felt as though you’ve reached a plateau with your career? Using the Feng Shui Bagua, you’ll learn how to arrange your office to better support your career goals. Whether you are an entrepreneur, work in the corporate arena, or simply use your home office as part of your daily life, you’ll learn how to create a home office that welcomes abundance and productivity, and a daily routine that supports your wellbeing with meditation and self care.

Feng Shui Bagua Class
Date: TBD

Open Up the Flow of Energy with the Bagua

  • It’s an ideal time to open up the flow of blocked energy. Are there areas of your home or aspects of your life that feel blocked and out of balance? What are you feeling inspired to create in your life? You’ll learn how to align the Bagua with your home environment and discover how powerful your home is for manifesting your dreams. You may be moving into a new home or wanting to uplift the energy in your current home. You’ll discover how powerful your home is for aligning your intentions and determining the key areas of your home that need attention and intention. 
Clear the Clutter Class
Date: TBD

Clear the Clutter: Create Space for New Energy

  • Now is the time to begin making room for the new year. This class will provide simple methods and processes for clearing the clutter in your home and routine, and making more space for what’s most important. We’ll give you a list of how we organize our homes and our simple process for keeping clutter to a minimum. If you start clearing the clutter now, you’ll have your space prepared for the new year. Create space for new energy, opportunities, and abundance to flow in!

Feng Shui Class - Personal Energy
Date: TBD

Honoring Your Personal Ch'i Holistically

  • As we prepare for the last quarter of the year, it’s time to pause and put real  focus on YOU! It’s been a busy year so far and you’ve accomplished a lot. This class is dedicated to YOU finding new ways for honoring your personal energy. We’ll focus on the Feng Shui Five Elements and how to use these as a natural and holistic guide for creating a balanced and harmonious life. Learn how to incorporate the Five Elements into your home and balance your personal energy naturally and holistically with colors, artwork, purposeful placement, and natural elements. 
Feng Shui New Years Intention Class
January 2024

New Years Intention & Vision Workshop for 2024

  • Using the Feng Shui Bagua, you’ll identify a beautiful and inspiring vision for 2024. It will include defining what you want to accomplish and experience in the new year, starting to create your list of supportive intentions, and outlining the person you aspire to become. Then, you’ll focus on setting your vision with a Feng Shui plan for your home based on the Bagua. You’ll be able to create a list of new Feng Shui intentions for each of your rooms so that you’ll have a clear plan for how to create a new flow of energy in your home and life! 
Feng Shui Class Financial Flow
Date: TBD

Learning Feng Shui Tips for Wealth and Prosperity

  • Are you feeling financially blocked and seek to attract more abundance in your life? Learn eight Feng Shui money tips for attracting wealth and prosperity to your home. Feng Shui has long been associated with creating an auspicious space. Learn the essential Feng Shui tips for financial success and flow.

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How to Get Started with our Feng Shui 101 Classes


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All sales for individual classes are final, non-refundable, and non-transferable. Be sure to check your inbox and spam folders to confirm receipt of your class link. If you need assistance, be sure to reach out at least two hours before class starts at support@elementsofharmony.com. 

Class recordings will only be available to members who enroll in the Harmony Blueprint Program. 

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