Feng Shui Classes in Salt Lake City

Feng Shui Classes and Events in Salt Lake City

Attend a Class. Plan a Feng Shui Event. Schedule a Feng Shui Party. 

Are you searching for Feng Shui classes, or would like to set up a Feng Shui event or party for your group in Salt Lake City? Elements of Harmony offers Feng Shui classes and events that offer a simple approach to improving the flow of energy in your home naturally and holistically. 

How to Set Up a Feng Shui Event or Party


Step 1: Schedule a Discovery Call

This enables us to align with the vision for your event, schedule a date, and determine the specific topics that Jen will cover during the gathering.







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Step 2: Host the Feng Shui Event or Party

Jen will offer valuable Feng Shui tips for your guests, ensuring they leave feeling inspired and with a fresh perspective on their homes. This unique and memorable gathering with friends or colleagues promises to be an enlightening and uplifting experience for everyone involved.


Step 3: Experience Change In Your Life

Even small Feng Shui adjustments can have an impact on your life. Begin with small changes and decide how you’d like to further explore the principles of Feng Shui.