Create a harmonious and abundant home environment with our modern approach to Feng Shui.

Our consultations, programs, and classes guide you to achieve Feng Shui harmony at your own pace. The more involved you are, the quicker you'll see positive changes in your home and life.

How fast do you want to get in the flow? 


Feng Shui 101 Classes

Feng Shui 101 Classes & Community

If you're new to Feng Shui and eager to understand its principles and practical applications for your home, our Feng Shui 101 Classes and Community are perfect for you. These monthly classes offer a straightforward approach without delving into complex compass and astrology aspects, making it easier to grasp and implement. Our Feng Shui Community provides the opportunity to ask questions and connect with other Feng Shui enthusiasts. $39.00 per month


VIP Feng Shui Consult

Perfect for Feng Shui Enthusiasts looking for a personalized and customized approach to harmonize the energy in their homes. Our six one-to-one sessions spanning three months will provide you with a comprehensive Feng Shui plan, transforming both your living space and mindset for positive energy flow.
$1,799 when paid in full or two auto-billed payments of $950.




Harmony Blueprint

Ideal for Feng Shui Enthusiasts looking to elevate their knowledge and expertise, our H.A.R.M.O.N.Y. Method and Five Element approach will take you to the next level. Discover how to transform your living space and personal energy holistically, going from imbalance and blockages to optimized energy flow in your home and life with 6 month access to the program, community, and bi-monthly Feng Shui 101 Classes. 
$997 when paid in full or two auto-billed payments of $525.

Make An Investment In Yourself

An investment in Feng Shui is truly an investment in yourself and your home. Your home reflects and affects your life. Discover how to align the energetic pattern in your home to attract success, prosperity, and abundance. 

Need our help?
Schedule a call with Jen to help you determine which program is right for you.

No matter which plan you choose, you can expect to: 

- Transform the energy in your home from blocked and imbalanced to optimized and harmonious.
- Experience abundance and happiness while attracting success and prosperity.
- Prioritize your personal energy and find balance with natural elements.
- Utilize our signature framework combining Western Feng Shui, positive psychology, and meditation.
- Create a holistic home and deepen your spiritual connection.
- Rewire your brain for success, abundance, and joy through our modern methodology.
- Not need the compass, directions, or astrology to create flow.

What else do I need to ensure success with implementing Feng Shui into my home? 

Utilize What You Already Own
In many cases, you likely already possess the items necessary to set intentions in your home. Simply rearrange your belongings with significance and purpose, following Feng Shui principles.

Your Personal Style and Living with What You Love 
Intentions are always based on your personal style and what brings you joy. Living with what you love is essential to Feng Shui. There are no hard and fast required items for intentions. It’s always about finding what feels right for you and what most naturally works in your space.

Simplify Your Selection Process with Our Feng Shui Plan
If you're considering purchasing new furniture, artwork, or belongings for your home, our Feng Shui plan will guide you in making the right choices. It provides a clear outline for what will work best in each area of your home, aligning with your intentions, the Bagua, and Five Elements. Rest assured, the cost of the furniture and artwork is entirely tailored to your budget and style.

Energy Enhancement Items
In our classes, program, or through direct consultation with Jen, you'll explore Feng Shui recommendations that may inspire you to acquire additional items and accessories for enhancing the energy in your home. These items typically range from $10 to $100, unless there's a specialty item unique to your home, which may cost more depending on the item.

Optional Add Ons:

VIP 1:1 Consultation for Harmony Blueprint Members
If you have an interest in the Harmony Blueprint program and are looking for a VIP experience where you can collaborate directly with Jen, there are exclusive 1:1 consulting opportunities available. You have the flexibility to incorporate these personalized consultations at any point while you are enrolled in the Harmony Blueprint Program. This allows you to take advantage of both our extensive training materials and Jen's personalized expertise in enhancing your living environment. To determine the ideal option for your needs, schedule a call where we can explore the various options and find the one that aligns best with your situation. Consultation options range from $497-$997.

Annual 1:1 Consultation for VIP Consultation Clients
Upon successfully completing the VIP Consulting Package with Jen, you will unlock the opportunity to enroll in an annual 1:1 consultation package. This package is designed to facilitate the review and restoration of your home on a yearly basis. To identify the most suitable choice for your specific requirements, we encourage you to schedule a call with us. Consultation options range from $497-$997.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Does Elements of Harmony Do?
Elements of Harmony is a Feng Shui consulting company that empowers Feng Shui Enthusiasts to implement Feng Shui principles effectively. Our approach combines Western Feng Shui to balance your home, positive psychology to rewire your brain for success, abundance, and joy, and natural elements to support your personal energy, create a holistic home, and deepen your spiritual connection through meditation. Our mission is to facilitate transformative change by aligning, designing, and optimizing the energy in your home and within yourself, enabling you to thrive and lead a prosperous and peaceful life.

I’ve been using both Traditional and Western Feng Shui principles. What do I do if I join the Harmony Blueprint Program or decide to do VIP Harmony Consulting?
At Elements of Harmony, we offer a simple approach to Feng Shui that focuses solely on the Western version. Therefore, any application we recommend will involve placing the Bagua based on the location of the front door. We prioritize aligning your mindset with positive psychology and refrain from incorporating the compass, directions, or astrology into our practice. However, the choice of how you want to incorporate Feng Shui into your home is entirely up to you.

Why Don't You Use the Compass, Directions, or Astrology?
After 20+ years of experience and experimenting with various Feng Shui methods, Jen discovered that the most effective and straightforward approach to Feng Shui is the Western version. She found that trying different methods, including combining Traditional Feng Shui with the Western approach, resulted in confusion and ineffective outcomes. By focusing on the Western version and integrating mindset and positive psychology, Jen achieved the most powerful and transformative results in optimizing the energy in her home and manifesting intentions.

Are There People Who Should Not Work with Elements of Harmony?
At Elements of Harmony, our dedication lies in helping our clients achieve transformation, and we measure our success by theirs. Our programs are an investment in your personal growth, home, and future. We will provide you with a detailed outline and plan for implementation. To receive the best support, it's crucial that you incorporate the principles into your home, watch the videos, engage in the community by posting questions, and actively participate in the Feng Shui 101 Classes. Your commitment to your own success and willingness to implement the methodology as outlined are essential. If you're expecting changes to happen magically without putting in effort, our programs may not be suitable for you.

Do You Offer Certificates with the Harmony Blueprint Program?
No, we do not provide certificates, degrees, credentials, badges, or attendance awards. The Harmony Blueprint Program is intended for individual use and is not a certification program for becoming a Feng Shui consultant. Our primary goal is to facilitate real change in the energy of your home environment and within yourself. We focus on empowering our clients to experience positive energy, personal growth, self-improvement, and success.

Can You Work in Other Time Zones?
Absolutely! Jen Boyd has experience working with international clients, and we can easily coordinate consulting calls to accommodate different time zones. Moreover, our Harmony Blueprint Program offers a flexible online portal accessible 24/7 from anywhere. Once enrolled, you can access the program curriculum at your convenience and progress at your own pace, regardless of your location.

How Do I Decide Between the Class, Program, or Consulting Package?
All the options lead to an optimized home; the choice depends on your desired pace and preferred teaching/learning experience. Schedule a discovery call with Jen, and she will assist you in determining which plan aligns best with your needs and goals.